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Wool on Wool (Tribal art)

Wool on Wool (Tribal art) “Handmade Turkish Yağcı Bedir Wool On Wool Carpet Anatolia geometric design. Original : %100 Natural Wool On Wool Original :…”


We are able to deliver all size and type of carpets and kilims to all around the world by the very well known delivery companies … Read more

Sazköy, Bodrum

Sazköy, Muğla ilinin Bodrum ilçesine bağlı bir köydür. Çamarası köyünün arkasında çok fazla çam olduğu için ismi böyle olmuştur.Kurudere Köyünün de dereleri kuru olduğu için … Read more

Pure Silk

Silk on silk(silk pile on silk warp and weft):This is perhaps the most intricate type of carpet; featuring a very fine weav. Knot counts on … Read more

What is Patchwort?

In order to add value to the pieces of fabric of hundreds of years different types of blankets have been produced by joining the fabrics. … Read more

About us

At Sazköy, our mission is to inform, educate and present to our clients the culture, quality and beauty of handmade Turkish Carpets made in villages … Read more

Bodrum Milas Sazkoy Carpet

Milas, Bodrum Carpet Wool on Wool (Tribal art), Wool on Cotton, Pure Silk, Kilims, Bodrum – Milas Carpet World’s Most Beautiful Models At Sazköy, our … Read more

History & Culture

HISTORY & CULTURE: Milas Carpets, that bear characteristics proper to the district of Milas in Muğla province in southwestern Turkey. There are also a number … Read more